The Pros and Cons of Fixed Annuity Contracts Issued by Oceanview Life and Annuity Company

In today’s volatile and uncertain investment landscape, there is no shortage of complex and risky investments products. Many people are looking for a simple way to protect their assets. Whether your clients are planning for retirement, building wealth, or leaving a legacy it is important to provide them with a simple and thorough guide of their investment options. Financial peace of mind is at the core of what we do at Oceanview Life and Annuity with our fixed annuity products. Please review the pros and cons below and reach out to your financial advisor or Oceanview Life and Annuity Support team with any questions you have about Fixed Annuities.


1. Simple to understand
2. No risk to principal during annuity contract
3. Guaranteed Interest rate during contract duration
4. Taxes on gain are deferred until withdrawal of funds
5. Partial withdraw liquidity is available following the first contract anniversary
6. Account value equals death benefit
7. Upon the death of owner(s), the spouse may continue the annuity contract without incurring penalties.
8. Can choose the lifetime income payout provision


Excessive withdrawals may be subject to a surrender charge If you have questions about Fixed Annuities, please reach out to your financial advisor and/or Oceanview Life and Annuity Support Team. All of us at Oceanview Life and Annuity stand at the ready and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to support your efforts!