For over 25 years, Oceanview®️ Life and Annuity Company has worked to establish itself as a trusted provider of high-quality retirement income products, investment consulting, and strategic financial planning services.

It’s our goal to not only provide peace of mind and financial solvency for our clients, but to become trusted partners in the process that every client can rely on for insight, advice, and guidance on how to manage their assets.

And with our executive leaders hailing from diverse backgrounds across financial consulting, global banking, and investment management, we have a solid foundation of industry experience that allows us to produce standout results for every client.


Get acquainted with the leadership behind Oceanview®️ Life and Annuity Company. Our team of asset managers and financial experts bring over 25 years of financial expertise to the table, guaranteeing that every annuity and retirement investment that comes through our door is handled with the care and respect it deserves.

Investment Management

Oceanview®️ specializes in high-quality management of investment accounts across a diverse range of portfolios. Our time-tested approach involves strict asset/liability management diversification, ongoing liquidity, and a conservative approach to portfolio risk – all in the interest of fulfilling our obligations to our policyholders and ensuring the long-term viability of every investment.