Why a Fixed Rate of Return? Why Now?

Protecting savings and retirement assets in this current economic environment can be difficult. Growing savings and retirement assets can seem impossible.

We ask, why a fixed rate of return? Why now?

Sidelined by volatile equity markets, high inflation, and interest rate fluctuation, Americans of all ages are faced with challenges when it comes to setting aside money for savings. From putting a few extra dollars into simple, interest-bearing accounts at banks to investing in and purchasing products to increase the value of a nest egg, Oceanview Life and Annuity understands that today’s economic uncertainty can negatively impact savings strategies that once worked well.

Our pursuits at Oceanview Life keep the American saver, pre-retiree, and retiree in mind when designing and building strategies that positively impact the efforts for a prosperous financial future. While our suite of annuities, from multi-year guaranteed (MYGA) annuities to fixed indexed (FIA) annuities, continue to provide beneficial features across allocation options, we are hyper-focused on providing you a competitive, guaranteed fixed rate of return over the next few months.

While our FIA provides the opportunity for growth potential based on the performance of external market indices, savers whose portfolios are currently heavily exposed to equity markets may run the risk of experiencing little to no returns. Such negative market returns could ultimately hinder your savings growth altogether.

Now is the time to get your savings back on track with this exclusive fixed rate of return strategy from Oceanview Life and Annuity.

An Oceanview Update:

As of November 1, 2023. A.M. Best Company rating is based on financial strength, management skill, and integrity, but is not a statement nor recommendation to purchase a policy. A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent) ranks the third highest of 15 rankings.

Premium that is allocated to the Fixed Strategy will be credited with a fixed interest rate that is declared by the Company and guaranteed for ONLY the FIRST Contract Year. This interest rate can change each Contract Year and is guaranteed to never be less than the Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate shown on your contract’s annuity schedule. Interest is compounded daily and is credited based on a fixed interest rate that is declared annually. This strategy is not linked to the movement of an external market index.

Oceanview products are not currently available in Vermont, Connecticut, and New York.