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CURRENT RATES Fixed Annuities
1.75% 2 YEAR
2.25% 3 YEAR
2.60% 4 YEAR
2.80% 6 YEAR
2.90% 7 YEAR
3.10% 10 YEAR

Harbourview Annuity Series

Oceanview Focuses On Providing

High Quality Retirement Savings Products and Services

to its clients and maintaining guaranteed financial protection over the life of their policies.
Fixed annuities offer a guaranteed return for a set amount of years, similar to a CD.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA)

A Single Premium Fixed Annuity Contract

What are the advantages of a Fixed Annuity?

  • Principal Protection
  • Guaranteed Interest Rates
  • Tax Deferred Earning Flexible Annuitization & Settlement Options
  • Death Benefits For Beneficiaries

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Who’s right for a Fixed Annuity?


  • Whose risk tolerance is shifting towards risk avoidance
  • Wants protection from market volatility
  • Anticipates limited liquidity needs
  • Seeking tax advantages
  • Considering guaranteed retirement income options
Who's right for a fixed annuity?

Oceanview is the marketing name for Oceanview Life and Annuity Company (dba as Oceanview Life and Annuity Insurance Company in California).  Product guarantees are backed by the financial strength of the issuing company.

Product and features may not be available in all states and may not be appropriate for all clients.  See product materials for further details, specific features, and limitations by product and state.  The Oceanview Life and Annuity Company Harbourview Annuity Series are issued on-base contract OLA2-ICC19-OLA SPDA or appropriate state variation.  Withdrawals taken prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to IRS penalties.  Neither Oceanview nor any agents or employees acting on its behalf should be viewed as providing legal, tax, or investment advice.  Consult with and rely on your qualified advisor.